Membership of the club will initially be free. As we grow we may introduce a small membership fee which will offer members discounts on food/drinks at United bars and golf days etc.

This is not a profit making organisation I just believe a €5 membership fee will keep Scouse cunts out the bars so we can enjoy an atmospheric pint without feeling the need for violence!

If you wish to become a full United member, prices start at £20 for adults. If you go for this option which gains you numerous benefits from the club including discounted match tickets, you will also qualify for extra benefits at our selected locations. Priority will also be granted for ex player Golf days and the Q&A session that follows. If you are already a season ticket holder or member then you just need to join our (currently) free membership scheme to qualify for all the benefits.

If you wish to become a member of our supporters club then please fill out your details below and an electronic membership card will be forwarded to you within 48 hours. There is no charge for this. A range of benefits will appear on the website shortly.

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