Oles still at the wheel

So it looks like the thieving scouse filth are going to take the title this season. Personally I think that’s a better option then city winning it again and let’s be realistic the chances of Leicester doing it again are slim, although I’d be most amused if Rogers the clown with a life size self portrait in his living room pipped the vermin to the post.

That wasn’t the case last season as a part of me was wanting City to turn us over at the end of the season, what a disgraceful thought process! I had a sneaky feeling we’d turn the bitters over, ironically strengthening the mickeys position but I was delighted we did.

Ole’s still at the wheel. Hands up, I was half thinking it was about time he got the boot. We’ve been brilliant against the so call big six but seem clueless against lesser teams. Maybe that donkey lukaka would have given us an option in some of those games. Mandzukic could be coming if the papers are to be believed. I think someone like that would give us a good option in the last 30 minutes if we’re struggling.

Mctomminay looking decent but I think it’s about time we fucked off Fred the Red and the guvnor Sir Paul!

We’ve lodged Sanchez, Paul Pogba and Fred

Not Rashford who’s manc born and bred.

Oles at the wheel ……

I hope he stays there as at least we’re playing some decent stuff.

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