Don’t get involved evra

So mad paddy comes out and says the fans should lay off pogba. A loyal red to the core is letting his nationalistic pride cloud his judgement. Pogba is a fucking dickhead, Ferguson fucked him off and I hope Ole does too. Cancerous cunt accounted for José (thank fuck), fucking pricks ego is off the scale. Don’t fuck with pogba he tweeted on news of his sacking then the silly cunt deleted it 10 minutes later.

He was in the front page of Marca (the Spanish sports paper) a couple of months ago with a stupid arrogant dickhead look on his face saying Madrid you can’t touch this, in effect have me. What a twat. They wouldn’t touch that cunt with a barge pole well they might as zidane is back at the realm but what will they offer. Less then we paid for the dickhead that’s a fact.

Man of the match or fucking anonymous. Fuck off pigba. You’re a bigger cock than balotelli. I guess you’ll probably achieve more but only when you have your dream move. Take 70 million or let the twat rot in the reserves.

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