With Ole at the wheel i will never take cocaine

Pavlov Escobar El Religion

Type coca into WhatsApp then look at predictive text. The translation of Coca Cola is cool coca or cocaine. Open your mind ABRE TU MENTE!

Google la catedral but before you do. What do you think the answer will be?

Now you know. If the answer has nothing to do with pablos prison then try it again when in Barca

We’ll ideally at the Ritz Carlton as I’m staying there for free. My deluded mate thinks I’m paying cost price €60 per night. Am I fuck, if messi and the rest of those cunts weren’t staying there then I would pay him. It’s what you know and who you know what I mean yeh yeh

Ps if your still young and like hanging out with Gianluca. Learn neuro linguistic programming and Meditation then everything is free and it’s better for you. I KNOW THIS

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