Geshler a genius involved with the present day Buddhist Kadampa teachings suggests we shouldn’t seek the enlightenment that Buddha had elsewhere. I understand his point but my opinion which may be wrong is …….

Why shouldn’t I seek what Buddha had elsewhere as a-lot of religions which provide hope and peace are basically preaching a similar message with a different interpretation of ancient teachings which some people misinterpret due to ambiguity, hence the constant wars around our beautiful planet.

My religion is MUFC THE RELIGION. Why shouldn’t it be possible to achieve enlightenment through this. So for Geshler to preach you can only achieve enlightenment through following the Buddha’s path is utter shite.

If you want what I want please subscribe to the blog and share and donate to charity at a later.stage by paying only what you can afford above the face value/cost of tickets for one of the greatest clubs in the world v MUFC THE RELIGION.


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