So ole is the newCantona and has left me with a dilemma. Who is the greatest player of all time.

THE ANSWER IS GOD OR KING OLE as I prefer to know him.

Why ITS OBVIOUS ((jagger). I now have more pasion (Spanish for wow you’re bright!) for United then when the previous god of Manchester REY ERIC DIOS CANTONA presided over the hallowed turf.

What was Eric’s greatest moment for united. Don’t know but does anyone know where that delusional wrong UN Matthew Simmons lives? Still in hiding because he continues to get hidings? I WONDER AND IF NIT I SUGGEST HE GOES UNDERCOVER AGAIN.

Quizas (kiss ass or perhaps en espanol) wE should night the deluded prick yes night????!! As he has helped to create the biggest cult the world has ever seen and with DIOS SOLSKJAER at the wheel we cannot go wrong.

How deluded was I yesterday? Massively Why because I could have just asked my uncle peter to join me on board with my enterprise but I wanted him to see my point of view!

AA steps

What is your main addiction? Well up until a few days ago I thought it was alcohol. It’d mufc the cult, my uncle has the same affliction.

I am so grateful for my mother for creating Dick BUDDSTEIN lee Maycock. My live email later today for anyone interested will be thecock@manutdsupporters.com and until I sell my Liverpool, Barca websites etc the email address for those will be ManUtd the religion@mancitysupporters.net. Know what I mean Noel Gallagher? Yeh fucking yeh!

I will sponsor Pete after I’ve set up MUFCA (addictions) as he clearly needs help but we all do.

Step 1

Admitted to ourselves that we were powerless over Man Utd and that our lives had become unmanageable

Step 3

Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity (my power is God. Who is God? God is whoever you wasn’t him to be. For me it’s Sir Eric Gynnar Best.

I’m giving away around 49% of my business to anyone interested. If you know basil brush from hale Barnes who used to go out with that bloke from the flint stones before me. That foxy bird Megan and Jenny Campbell dragons den. Get em to call me this pm. What’s my number, that’s for me to know and you to find out!


BUDDHA LIFE IS SUFFERING, the cause of suffering, ceessation of suffering, enlightenment! THE 4 noble TRUTHS

I have found enlightenment it just took 46 odd years and some amazing genes that would have killed most people but not this psychopath oh no.

With thanks to Suggs, Jonny rotten, Bono, Noel Gallagher, Chris Martin, frank sinatra and most of all to Ian brown or whoever wrote Ole’s at the wheel oh yeh and I expect Pete Boyle who composes it! If not whoever did.

Now I’ve wrote something worth sharing share it as trust Einstein. Nothing is impossible. Barcelona won’t sell out so I’m not going to buy that many tickets as it’s possible they will give us another section or create a ran area for the thousands of insanely loved up inebriated anarchists of mufc the religion.

The Cock

Ps please spread the love I will try my best to get all of us a ticket. That my friends is impossible but you never know


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