Why I think Noel Gallagher is arguably second to Eric the King/dios. Got one for the Nou Camp if anyone wants one. Will go to the home game but not got a ticket yet!

He came up with the band name oasis, wrote the masterplan and then put the greatest song ever written on the B sides as he didn’t want to take the limelight away from his tit of a sibling / didn’t want his religious rhetoric getting into the wrong hands.

Look if anyone knows Noel and he wants my websites Mancitysupporters.com and the bitterblues.wordpress.com he can have them. If anyone wants to register thebitterblues.con etc then you can buy em for about a tenner. I can’t be arsed is City are less than a minor irritation, matterless (mata les in Spanish is kill them). I know a united fan will do this as I suspect I don’t have many city followers. I’ll help you get it to number 1 in google just buy me a coffee or something.

The second best song ever is price tag by that fit bird jj. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN YEH YEH. ALL MY FUCKING PEOPLE RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. WHATEVER. NOW DO YOU SEE MY POINT. JAVIL? Spacibo! Saves li que yo digi meine gentr.

Do you think it would be a doddle for me to speak either Spanish, German and Russian at the Barcelona ticket office and get a few spares para mi genre?

Quizas join a boat supporters club or 6000 or stay in the same hotel as the Barca players. Putting on the RITZ is a nice cantacion tambien.

YOU KNOW WGAT I MEAN? That my friends is the masterpkan. Now fucking get my website going because I have the ability and freedom to do whatever…. but like Noel g unlike the bitter blue numpty muppet bruder.

Might swap my Nou Camp for an e top tierStratford end and exec box access before and after the match. Message me, I need to not work sorry net wirk doing exactly what I want to do.

Ole’s at the wheel spread the gospel. MUFC THE RELIGUON.

Oh by the easy Eric is the greatest is I adored him at Chelsea away in winter 92/3 when he scored his first United goal. I never heard masterplan until very slightly later. Cheers anyhow Noel. Legend

A huge thank you to all my twitter followers and everyone who shares or automatic retweet’s. You are in my mind for the Nou Camp tickets.

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