Morning banter with a red who is as delusional as I used to be

Unfortunately he’s not getting my ticket in Uniteds end as it’s already gone 0430 in England and the lazy man isn’t even up yet. This is the conversation for any IT geniuses who gave a desire to help.

Wind up to promote his blog for free Mark

Mark Moxon I used to think like that. It might just be true what you’re saying or what I’m saying only you can decent devthat. ABRE tu me really, their might be una billette para to porque estoy Vivienne con los jugafores de Barcelona en el ritz Carlton en la niche de 16th April. If you get enough hits through your contacts you can have my ticket in uniteds end as I don’t give a flying fuck about that tin pot game

Mark Moxon now apologise and get working if you’re a true united fan which I doubt as otherwise you’d have a ticket. These are just a few more of my websites.

Mark Moxon these are all for sale or free to anyone with the right credentials. I would have just liked your post if I didn’t think there was a chance I could give you my united ticket for free. How much do you want it? Would you like my parents addresss. Message me

Latest blog in progress.

One of my many websites

That’s free if you want it and you hate Scouse cunts. If I wanted blog followers I would share this. I want to give my tickets to whoever helps me grow this monster. Opportunity of a lifetime, balls in your court. You want it I won’t share this. You don’t I might. I don’t give a flying fuck about anyone or anything I’m an autistic sociopath who gas just discovered he is not an alcoholic through buddhism

Think my blog has about 3 followers. I don’t know because I don’t give a fuck. Shame Mark lost out on my ticket which is available to anyone with similar personalities yes personalities to myself and Mark. ABRE TU MENTE

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