Why Barcelona is a tin pot club.

Looks like the hypocritical capitalist Catalan cunts are trying to fuck us with regards to getting tickets in their end. How very dare they! Why don’t they want 10000 reds Causing havoc with the locals!

Small town mentally, tin pot club in comparison to United. What a bunch of muppets. They charge the red army £102 for a ticket (the cheeky cunts) because they know we’ll pay it. Our club subsidise this so we only have to pay £75. Then they fucking subsidise their own fans tickets for Old Trafford as we rightly charged them the same. What a fucking classy outfit they are.

By the way I happen to be staying in a Marriott hotel on the beach near Las Ramblas, the name escapes me. (a mate who has contacts got me in for 2 star money a night). It is considered their top hotel in BARCELONA so I’m intrigued to see who else might be staying there!!

On a lighter note, I was speaking to a mate of mine who used to play for another tin pot club across the Pennines and he mentioned another bloke who he does after speaking with. His name escapes me, CARLTON, Carlton Carlton something anyhow. He’ll speak to him about coming to a United Golf Day in Marbella in the summer (see events and watch the blog for updates).

Just listening to putting on the RITZ, what a tune! Spread the love.

Look, I have the contact and a few tickets are in the bag, its just that they’re saying on the website that everybody (anyone who looks English) will be checked for ID and wont be let in (I imagine this is standard blurb but i’m not sure as i generally get one in United’s end). I’m speaking with someone later with regards to organising bulk Spanish residency, this doesn’t effect your uk status. I’ve also got a good printing contact if anyone wants shirts, hats or whatever takes their fancy!

I doubt the checks will be that stringent but i’m only guessing. Oh by the way if you’ve just done a 20 stretch for murdering 4 Barcelona fans because you despise them and have openly admitted you are desperate for more blood, then you are welcome to buy a VIP ticket for €1100!

Cunts, obviously United fans are snapping these up because the €820 ones had already gone by the time the normal tickets came on sale. I will offer free Spanish lessons to anyone trying to blag it past the checks on Tuesday and Wednesday. Video below gives the basics and the pronunciation.

En Serio, si soy ingles pero mi encanta Barcelona, he vivido aqui diez y nueve anos y odio Manchester, soy una afficianado de Barcelona y fucking accrington Bertie or whoever.

You having a laugh, yes i’m English, but i love Barcelona, Ive lived here 19 years and hate man utd (Glazers). I’m a fan of Barcelona and anyone but Isis, bitters or sheep shaggers!

Please share this with any reds, I don’t want them cunts spoiling our party. I’m sure we’ll take around 8-10k but it’d be nice if a few more went. My offer of a ticket at face value still stands for anyone who can offer IT help. (I run a real estate business in Marbella and that website is what I really need help with!) I will also be selling any extra I can get at face value but please don’t comment unless you can prove you’ve previously been to a few Euro aways and bear in mind family and mates will come first.

It’d be good to get this on as many discussion boards as possible for match going Reds. Look i’d like a few website hits and blog subscribers but i dont give a fuck if you do it without the link! We just want to make the world dance, it’s not about the price tag. Fit that Jessie J, I digress!

Taking over, taking over. Getting excited now! ….

Link to them cunts website with uefa regulations bollox – https://www.barcelona.com/barcelona_tickets/fc_barcelona_football_tickets/fc_barcelona_vs_manchester_united_tickets

My uneducated guess is they’ll be going for about €250 to 350 on the day off touts (depending on the result at Old Trafford (up to 500 if we get a good result!). They’re €700 a pair sat together on viagogo – https://www.viagogo.com/ww/Sports-Tickets/International-Soccer/UEFA-Champions-League/UEFA-Champions-League-2018-19-Tickets/E-3595644?qty=2

Please feel free to comment below and more importantly share to loyal match going reds! #manutd #noucamp #manutdtickets

2 thoughts on “Why Barcelona is a tin pot club.

  1. Hi mate,thank you for the update,I’m trying to get a 2 x tickets,one for me & my 11 year old lad,we’ve been to young boys & PSG, I’m not into computers so not going to say I can help with that side of things,as I can’t! If you do have any spare,even in the Barcelona end,please keep me in mind! Really appreciate it,and good luck pushing on the business,kind regards,alex


    1. Hi Alex you’re first in line after any IT help as long as you prove you went to young boys and Paris. I just have to grow the website first for business reasons but will only need 2/3 people to do this. Send me your number if you like


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