Barcelona are nearly as classy as city

So Barcelona have the class to reduce the price of their extortionate price charged for their fans to visit Old Trafford. Yeh, Righto Miguel!

Small town mentally, tin pot club in comparison to United. What a bunch of muppets. They charge the red army £102 for a ticket (the cheeky cunts) at the Nou Camp because they know we’ll pay it. Our club subsidise this, so we only have to pay £75. Then they fucking subsidise their own fans tickets for Old Trafford as we rightly charged them the same (using the profits made to reduce our own fans tickets to £75). What a fucking classy outfit they are.

Looks like the hypocritical capitalist Catalans are trying to screw us with regards to getting tickets in their end. How very dare they! Why don’t they want 10000 reds causing havoc with the locals! So allegedly you need Spanish national identification to get in with your ticket. What a load of old shit! By the way for any reds that believe this then I can organise Spanish residency or a Herbie hide if you’re that way inclined. I should have a few at face value myself.

Although I need help with my websites priority for briefs (face value) will be given to people who are bi-polar and struggle with alcoholism as it’s personal to myself. Thankfully my life has improved since I started meditating and stopped taking anti psychotics!

By the way I have a mate who is staying in a Marriott hotel on the beach near Las Ramblas, the name escapes me but It is considered the best hotel in Barcelona, so I’m really intrigued to see who else might be staying there when I meet him for breakfast.

On a lighter note, I was speaking to another mate of mine who used to play for another tin pot club across the Pennines. He mentioned another bloke who also does events etc. His name escapes me, Carlton, Carlton, Carlton something anyhow it’s not that important as I think he only played for Ingerlund and Wednesday or something like that. He’ll speak to him about coming to a United Golf Day in Marbella in the summer (see events and watch the blog for updates).

Just listening to putting on the Ritz, what a tune! Spread the love. #manutd #nou camp #tickets #mufc #barcelona

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