United Golf date confirmed

We are delighted to announce the first golf society date for Man Utd Supporters. This will be held at the prestigious Marbella Golf and Country Club on Sunday 21st April at 0800. The price for this is yet to be confirmed but it is expected to be €70. (The rack rate price for golf and buggy is €95).

This will include Golf, buggy, meal and a pint at your chosen destination, prizes and a small charitable donation. You do not have to be a United fan to attend although it is likely that the majority of those attending will be!

We are looking to create a local golf league with a maximum of 8 local establishments. Places are limited as I’ve already got 5/6 who have expressed an interested . Players can be involved individually or as part of a team and do not have to pay to enter the competitions (this is already included in the €70)

We are exploring the option of getting an ex player involved, although this may well put a premium on the price (only for those interested). Ideally we will offer the basic package and the player package which will involve a Q&A session at one of the locations and watching United V Everton at 1430. Further details to follow.

To register your interest individually or as part of the team event please contact us. Free membership of Man Utd Supporters will be offered to all attending at this event.

3 thoughts on “United Golf date confirmed

  1. Gareth Morcombe March 18, 2019 — 9:05 am

    Hey Richard! I didn’t realize you were back on the coast full time! I’d like to play in this. Will speak with the wife.
    I was also thinking it could be great to set up a man united supporters Club FOOTGOLF day, especially for all those members who do not play golf. It would be brilliant to have you try footgolf with me at the club when you get a chance footgolfcasares.com. Let’s catch up soon. Best regards, Gareth


    1. Let’s meet sometime soon. What’s your number?


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