Why we love Cantona

Eric the King is a hero to my generation of match going United fans. Not only did he help us to win the league in 4 of the 5 seasons he was with us (it would have been 5 if he wasn’t banned for kicking that low life cunt Matthew Simmons – Is he still in hiding?). He single handedly won the double with the kids in 95/96 (fuck you Hansen, you scouse cunt!), scoring in numerous one nils towards the end of the season including the winner against the thieving, drug dealing, underclass from some shithole about 30 miles from The Theatre of dreams (No prizes for guessing who i realistically want to win the league! cant even bear to look at my phone to see if they won last night, i put the cunt on for about one minute and the twats went 2-1 up so i switched to Barca). Fuck me this was supposed to be about the king! Lets leave it at that for today although you have to click on the link to see Eric slagging Neymar off – https://youtu.be/xTPENfIqZns top class hilarity.

What a friend we have in Jesus, he’s our savior from afar, what a friend we have in Jesus and his name was CANTONA ooh aah Cantona……..

Take that Simmons you racist cunt!

Eric Slagging Neymar https://youtu.be/xTPENfIqZns

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