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Gets absolutely slated as being “shit”, “not good enough”, “bang average”.

A young kid breaking his way into the first team, getting slated by his own fans, not given a chance, while the same fans scream for kids who haven’t even made their debut to be given a go, scream for Pereira who’s been around the block for a few years to be given a chance, yet this kid gets the negative bullshit?

I thought we were supposed to get behind our players, I thought United were a bit different, the pride we have in the stats about youth products and the first team. I thought we supported our young kids breaking through, not tore them down?

Herrera and Mata get put on a pedestal because they “care” and they “get the club”. McTominay doesn’t? Look at the photos ffs.

This kid has stepped up in some massive games in the last few weeks, putting on MoM performances while the “superstars” were out injured/suspended.

This kid may turn out to be a massively important player for us, he’s not the most stylish, he’s not a social media mong, he’s not the flashy clothes, cars and haircuts. He does the simple things right, he breaks his bollocks every time he steps on the pitch.

Get behind our youth, give them our support and help them to develop into the player we want them to become.

Scott McTominay is a cracking prospect for our side.

Know your players.

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