Arsewipes away

Fucking brilliant, 0230 Ive had 4 hours kip and I’m wide awake with my thoughts solely occupied by United and Oles revolution! There is not even the tiniest hint of sarcasm in what I say as I haven’t felt like this since I first started going to games regularly 30 years ago. United are well and truly back and it feels good.

Our rivalry with Arsenal grew over those early years. The brawl at Old Trafford in 1990 was brilliant to watch as someone new to the games. I was in the scoreboard paddock, with the usual crew of Robby Hux, Johnny C and Cleg. We were right next to the away fans (fucking useless cockney cunts couldn’t even sell their allocation even though they were champions or about to be that year). A 21 man brawl ensued, what an adrenaline rush.

Over the next few seasons Bev, Ladlow, Kel, Pie man and my Uncle Pete would join us in buying season tickets. All of which are pretty hardcore reds, some still attend most games. 3 were in Paris recently, 3 more would have been if they hadn’t narrowly missed out in the ballot for tickets.

Other great memories of games include 93 when Eric spanked a free kick into the top of the net to claim a 1-0 victory.

The pizzagate nonsense when we did them 2-0 to end their 49 game unbeaten run. Nice dive by the Scouse cunt! The 8-2 which probably influenced van Persie joining us. Although my favourite game I’ve attended was when we did them in the European Cup (Champions league my arse) semi final 3-1 at the Emirates. Cracking atmosphere, the united end was bouncing.

The kiddy fiddler after just been sent off at OT.

So about 14 hours to kick off and I fancy it big style even with our injury ravaged squad. Massive game as 3 points puts us in poll position to get that top 4 spot. Spurs look like they’re fucked and this will create some breathing space from the arse. Back to bed!

Please feel free to comment or follow this blog. Any shares would be greatly appreciated. Come on United!

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