Ole’s at the wheel

What a result, I simply did not see that coming in a million years and the only comparable comeback that springs to mind is Barcelona 99 when once again the baby faced assassin was at the forefront of proceedings. To see the picture with Eric and Fergie as well as the kings 6 second video was class.

Ole’s feet remain firmly on the floor he still amazingly talks about the next 2 months and dismisses any future with the club after that. What a legend, I haven’t felt like this since the first half of Fergie’s reign. We just expected to win everything (and generally did) in his last few years at the helm so the euphoria of the early years dissipated some what. I believe from the twinkle in Ole’s eye that he expects to be offered the job (why wouldn’t he) but he is solely focused on our trip to the emirates on Sunday.

Stratford end in good voice! Recollecting Sir Matts relationship with arsewipe gaffer Bertie Mee. https://youtu.be/H2B3gXQenMM

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2 thoughts on “Ole’s at the wheel

  1. Get a job you lazy twat


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