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Welcome to Man Utd Supporters. Our aim is to provide events and banter for reds spread across the the Costa Del Sol. We work in conjunction with various bars and restaurants along the coast where United fans can watch the games in a Scouse free zone.

We also offer events including golf days that often take in a game afterwards for United fans. Some of these future events will feature ex united players and involve a Q & A session at one of our recommended locations. You can view details in the Events section or the Blog.

Please feel free to subscribe to the Blog where you will find details of members events, fans pictures and videos from matches as recommendations as to the best places to go when following United away from home.

The Inspiration to finally put this website together came from United’s miraculous performance in Paris. I have no doubts about the red flag flying high particularly with Ole at the wheel.

Eric the king succinctly describes the euphoria surrounding the red army.

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